Brands DCD

Founded in 1998, DCD is a company dedicated to the production of shirts and ties, as well as importat and representation of internationally renowed brands. With thirteen years of existence, DCD is proud to keep alive the art of shirts and ties manufacturing.

Navigare   Navigare
As is borne out by the trademark consisting of a sail on the waves, the sea has always been an important element in the world of NAVIGARE. This concept has been transmitted not just to menswear, womenswear and children clothes, but also to other items, to satisfy all those who appreciate the clothing and wish to create a complete Navigare look, using products characterised by the same quality and design. To find out more visit
Moyash is designed in Portugal, oriented for portuguese market and for portuguese women and made by the best Italian manufacturers. The versatility and comfort that meshes offer, make them indispensable to any wardrobe. Moyash combines design, color, texture and excellent quality materials to the most current fashion trends, creating singularity and difference...